PRIDESPIEL is a 4 day, open bonspiel with a 3 game guarantee.

Dinner banquet served Saturday evening. Light refreshments provided throughout the event.

$300 per team.

We are excited to bring you a summer bonspiel as part of Pride Month in Massachusetts.

Hosted by the Marlborough Curling Club, and in partnership with the Worcester Ice Center, PRIDESPIEL is a benefit for OUT MetroWest, serving LGBTQ+ youth in Massachusetts.


All games will be played under USCA rules.


All games will observe the 5 stone free guard zone rule.

Teams may play with 3 members. Substitutes provided by the committee chairman will play lead or second only.


All games, including the finals will  8 ends under the clock. If 8 ends have not been completed at one hour forty minutes, finish the current end.  One more end may be started if necessary.


Measurements will be made by the vice skips.


Tie-breakers: If the eighth end is completed within two hours, a full end will be played. Otherwise ties will be decided by draw to the button, a single stone per team, sweeping allowed. Any player from your team may deliver. Stones must be in the house to count.


A team not ready to play at the scheduled time shall forfeit one point and one end for each 10 minute delay up to 30 minutes at which time the match will be forfeited. The late team will deliver first.


The committee reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary to manage the bonspiel in the case of circumstances not addressed by these rules.

All participants mus sign a waiver before stepping onto the ice